Métis Calgary Family Services helps  persons requiring Aboriginal specific service delivery, be it child focused, education, social services,

housing and homelessness, youth supports, parent education and early intervention regardless of status.

Métis Calgary Family Services Society promotes the principle that we, as the Aboriginal community has a right to assume responsibility and ensure culturally appropriate services are being delivered that respects the individual and unique needs of our Urban Aboriginal families, culturally, socially, spiritually, and economically.

We seek to empower individuals, families, and our urban aboriginal community to meet the needs of their children.

Parents and Children flourish through a comprehensive, diverse approach to holistic practices that embrace traditional methods of sharing and caring, secure within our Aboriginal worldview.

As an Aboriginal registered charitable non profit entity , we are proud to support our community in this way.

About us..

Métis Calgary Family Services (MCFS) is an Aboriginal non-profit, registered charity, that serves urban Aboriginal children, youth, and families. MCFS promotes the principle that the community has the right to assume authority and responsibility for the design, development, and implementation of Child, Family, and Youth Services to the urban community and that community involvement and participation is essential to the process. Following this principle, the goal is to develop services that are responsive, community-based, oriented, and accountable,  that reinforce traditional patterns of caring, sharing, and co-operation within families and the community.

Culturally authentic and relevance is the hallmark of the Métis Calgary Family Services spectrum of engagement.

MCFS ensures a code of ethics and the highest standards and policies guides our work. MCFS is involved in collaborative and consultative activities with various levels of government, funders, and service providers, as well as community. MCFS has successfully delivered a balanced spectrum of services in Calgary since 1991, evolving capacity in the community that reflects our urban aboriginal community needs.

MCFS specializes in early child development, parenting, and family development and supports. Metis Calgary Family Services Society is licensed,certified and accredited in the work we do.